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come visit The Little House at Seek Lavender

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Do you want to feel healthy, connected, and cared for? 

This is why we grow lavender for you and make products with the finest ingredients. 

This is why we grow lavender and make products for you with the finest ingredients available. 

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Soothing solutions all in one place

Our spa line is the answer and it does the cleaning, the soothing, and the healing all in one.

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Do you prefer to see and speak directly to the designer and creator of your skincare and spa products?

We use these products exclusively so quality testing is always on and you can ask us anything.


Soothe and comfort  Ultimate self care

You have our number and you are encouraged to come by at your convenience.

we share your concerns

about / We are a family lavender farm in Culpeper, VA owned by Neil & Mary Seek.  All products are handmade with love and all lavender is grown, harvested by hand, and distilled by the Seek Family. Our 'growing passion' stems from lavender propagation ensuring all lavender plants are derived from Seek Lavender. 

Neil and Mary Seek
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I have been using Seek Lavender’s products for about 3 years and really enjoy the variety in the line. My 2 young daughters and I use only Seek Lavender soap for the shower now.  It is so fresh and moisturizing. I love to relax in the bath with the bath salts and use the lip balm morning and night. I have recently started using the essential oil to diffuse in my car each morning. What a great way to start the day!  Seek Lavender’s products have been a great calming addition to my life. - TS, Glen Allen, VA

blog / "Lavender: One of Life's Miraculous Gifts"  

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