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Mary has been trained by the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild professionals in the art & science of personal care product development.

Neil is the Chief Operations Officer & Chief Awesome Officer.

He leads Seek Lavender's distilling and farming operations.

The entire Seek family, even the grandchildren, work the farm and

are instrumental to all aspects of growing,

harvesting, distilling, and product development. 

Mary Seek

Seek Lavender provides Culpeper, Virginia, and neighbors with soothing lavender,  in various forms, directly from source and with the opportunity to observe an oasis in which lavender thrives, supporting natural growing processes, giving and receiving love.

Seek Lavender is tenderly nurtured, hand-harvested, and distilled with thanksgiving and awe

by Neil and Mary Seek.

Seek Lavender’s initial 150 plants were purchased.

Since then, and 750+ plants later, all are propagated by Neil and Mary (we aren’t done yet!)

who also manage tasks based on individual interests and expertise.

Seek Lavender is now growing medicinal herbs to partner with lavender

in providing stress, anxiety, and insomnia support.

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who we support/

Seek Lavender is a member of the United States Lavender Growers Association

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