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Expanding the Peace through Self-Care – Seek Lavender Sugar Scrub

Self-Care in the form of self-massage and aromatherapy with Seek Lavender’s Sugar Scrub can be of great benefit both physically and psychologically (dealing with emotional and nervous system issues).

(**If you have any health conditions or are taking medications, the safety of any essential oil through any route should be assessed.)

(**reach out Seek Lavender for research studies)

We benefit greatly from the physical closeness and sensory comfort of touch (especially our own 😊)!

Self-Massage reduces Muscle tension

Self-Massage improves:

  • Production and circulation of the stress hormone cortisol Increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow

  • Has measurable positive effects on acute and chronic high blood pressure

  • Elevates our mood through the psycho-emotional experience of receiving care

  • Is helpful in stress management associated with chronic pain, depression and other conditions

Seek Lavender Aromatherapy:

  • Inhalation of essential oils is the best first line of defense for dealing with emotional and nervous system issues.

  • When we inhale the minute sizes of the chemical constituents they go straight into our brains and start working quickly and effectively.

  • For so many stressful situations, inhalation is a fastest-acting solution.

Lavender Love,

-Neil & Mary

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