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Gorgeous 2021! End of Season Beauties and Goodness....

October is a gypsy queen

In dress of red and gold.

She sleeps beneath the silver moon,

When nights are crisp and cold.

The meadows flame with color now,

Which once were cool and green.

Wild asters and the goldenrod,

Bow low to greet their queen.

When she is tripping through the wood

With song so clear and sweet,

The autumn leaves come sifting down,

And rustle 'neath her feet.

-Winifred C. Marshall

The Little House at Seek Lavender, filled with lavender treasures, conveniently located (and online), welcomes you with serenity and deep gratitude.

"As ye sow so shall ye reap." What if we all simply decided to sow lavender, (either literally or metaphysically)...everyday? -Dewitt

Lavender Love,

Neil & Mary

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