For some five years now, our family has continuously used the soap, lotion and facial serum, as well as the hydrosol. We use only Seek Lavender soap, as it is of the highest quality that we have ever found, and are so happy to have found our “forever” soap! Meticulously tended, Seek Lavender Farm in Culpeper provides visitors a picturesque and serene oasis to experience that is conveniently located to Culpeper residents and neighbors. - PC Williamsburg, VA

"I wanted to promote this wonderful family-owned business, Seek Lavender.  They grow their own lavender and make awesome products with it.  I’ve been using their laundry detergent and wool drying balls for a year now and love them!

Their customer service is one-on-one with the owner and super friendly.

Please have a look at their website. Let’s help keep small businesses alive!" - JE, OH

"Seek Lavender is the real deal. The lavender is grown locally on their property and they make all the products. They're so knowledgeable and take the time time to explain everything. I just love their display and everything smells so good." - Liz Cloutier

"The attention to Lavender detail with the folks from Seek Lavender is simply second to none. I loved learning about Lavender & really enjoyed the thoughtful products that were available for sale. They do such a nice job of displaying their hand made products & sharing their joy of growing Lavender. Fantastic!" - Jennifer Smock

"Seek Lavender smells so good! I have the Lavender Lotion and it is so soft and a very little goes a long way. It is helping me smooth my rough elbows and it really works. The Lip Balm is great! I have the soap, but I haven't used it yet. Keeping it on my bedside table so I can smell it when I'm going to sleep. Also got a sachet for my undies drawer! WooWoo!" - Ruth Zeh

"I can’t tell you how much I love Seek Lavender products! Highly, highly recommend. The lavender eye pillow helps me relax after a long day of work! I now take it everywhere with me when I travel.#madewithlove" - AT

"I wanted to let you know that the lavender eye pillow saved me last night! I had a horrible headache that came out of nowhere, so when I got into bed I put the pillow on my forehead and read a bit. It instantly relaxed me and I went right to sleep! In the morning I was feeling so much better! Also, we've got clothes in the wash right now with the laundry detergent. It was great to meet you and I'm excited about the products I got. Thanks again!" - Mary Ellen